Nov 26th

November 26, 2008

Some of my regularswill be aware that I have created another blog and if you would like to visit it the address is  The majority of crafters blogs I visit are on blogger so I decided to have another go at creating one.  I did try some time ago but I couldn’t get on with it which is why I joined word press.  However, now that I have become more accustomed to blogging I tried gain and think I have done quite well.  I anticipate all my future cards and ‘diary’ will be written onto my new blog.

Lorraine x


November 25th

November 25, 2008

Hello I have updated my slide-show yet again.  I haven’t been on here much lately I seem to be forever making Christmas cards.  My mum bought most of my stock so I have had to start over again, not that I mind she is my best customer.  Unfortunately I was unable to scan most of them but these are a few that I managed. I have had several orders not only for Christmas cards but birthdays as well.  I did want to have ago at making some gift treasure boxes but haven’t found the time I will try so hard in the next couple of weeks and take some photos to show you.

I did have some photos on my camera that I wanted to upload and show you but I deleted them in error, they were pictures that I probably will never be able to take again so I have really kicked myself.

I have bought some of those musical tunes from Joanna Sheen so I can put them in a few special cards I have never used them before so I hope they will be easy to install.  If they work ok I will definitely buy more.

I have also just finished off the last two boxes of everyday cards that my mum will be giving as presents.  She has already given 2 boxes as ‘thank you’ presents and the recipients were over the moon with them, so I must be doing something right lol.  I made a total of 12 boxes for her filled with between 8 and 10 square cards most of which I had stamped and water-coloured.  I enjoyed doing them and think I will be doing more as stand by stock.

anyway I hope you enjoy the slideshow and sing along with the tune.



November 7th

November 7, 2008

Hello to you all I have just created another new slide show and yes its a Christmas one again but different cards and song etc.  I hope you like it but I know that most of the cards I have used a light card with blue snowflakes and they are not as clear as I would like I have a new printer which includes the scanner so I am still getting used to it.

Well I have been among many others this week who have caught the sickness bug and its not been nice and it certainly isn’t a 24 hour bug.  I have had a bad bout of depression and this bug did not help but I am beginning to feel a little better.

I hope to update the slide show with some better pics in a little while but in the mean time please sit back and enjoy.


Lorraine x

November 1st

November 1, 2008

Hi and once again thanks to all who have very kindly visited my blog.  I know that some of you are interested as to where I purchased my new fairy stamps (Oct 30th-below).  The link is it is well worth a visit they have some stunning stamps and the prices are very good.  It was my first time ordering from America and was a little nervous of doing so but I was very impressed with the service supplied by Heather Adams of faerie song.  I have some more of the stamps on my wishlist so will be visiting again soon.

Oct 30th

October 30, 2008



Thank you to all who have visited my blog.  Unfortunately I have not been posting as I have still been hiding in my shell.  I hope you like the above cards that I have made using some new stamps that I got from America.  The first fairy is called ‘Camilla’ and the second is ‘Dragon Tamer’.

I fell in love with Camilla as soon as I saw her and the Dragon Tamer is also beautiful her hair reminds me of mine when I am out in the wind, my hair is down to my waist and is a bit of a handful.  I love watercolouring and have coloured both these stamps with H2Os.

Maybe one day soon I will feel back on form but at the moment I feel the life of a recluse suits me better.  I am still visiting the JS forum and trying to keep up to date with all that is going on but have still not entered any challenges.  Plus my computer has been playing up somewhat lately and I have been losing connection.

Anyway hugs to all and take care.

A few new cards

October 20, 2008


Hi this is just a few of the cards that I managed to make this weekend.  The stamps I have used on the yellow cards are from my new selection of House Mouse stamps which I love.  The cards are not really crooked but it is the way they scanned.  I did do another one but have posted that on the forum challenge thread.  Hope you like the cards.




20th October

October 20, 2008


I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to have done these last couple of weeks.  I have been making cards but otherwise I can’t seem to get into gear.  I feel in ‘limbo’ and find it difficult to settle to anything in particular.  I know that Christmas will be on us before we know it and I still have to make some more cards.  I have all the toppers printed out but that is as far I have got.  My earlier spurt of Christmas card action has disappeared.  I do visit the JS forum to keep updated on what is going on and have just ordered some of the new Flora Doodles.  I have quite a few now but they are so beautiful I was frightened of using them but I have got over that and have been using them of the ‘everyday’ cards that I have been doing.

My mum came to stay with me the weekend so it was a bit hectic as her sight and hearing is failing so I had to make sure she had enought to drink and eat.  She has recently visited an allergist for a consultation and has been given herbal and homeapathic remedies to take.  My sister has been going to this person for several years and my mum decided she would go and see what it was like.  She has already been told of certain foods that she can and cannot eat and she is to go again in 2 weeks time.

I hope that this course of action helps her to feel better generally as she has always been a very active person she now walks with a stick due to some falls she has had.  She will be 89 next month and most of the family will be going out for a meal to celebrate.  Unfortunately I will not be there as I don’t do social gatherings family or otherwise.  I thought I might do her a birthday meal at home instead.

Many thanks to my visitors regulars and others, I hope you won’t give up on me as I will be posting some more cards for you to see.




This is my first posting since 6th October, unfortunately I have not been to good and have immersed myself in my crafting.  I have been making cards for Christmas presents and I decided to show them in the form of a slide show. 

I will box up six mixed square cards, the boxes I will also make myself.  However, when I told my mum what I was doing and showed her the cards she has ordered 12 boxes.  My mum is my best customer and I have done enough cards for six boxes so far.  I hope you enjoy looking at the slide show and if you wish to leave a comment please feel free to do so.

I have still been visiting other crafters blogs and of course the JS Forum so I can keep up with what is going on and how everyone is doing.  I have retreated into my shell but I am beginning to feel better so I hope to rejoin the crafting world again soon.



6th October

October 6, 2008


Hi to all visitors on my blog, its Monday 6th October and I have 2 Christmas cards for you to see.  I have made lots more than this but I don’t want to inundate you with every single card I have made.

Yesterday was quite eventful for my son James I think the split with his girlfriend has finally happened.  The saying that I bring to mind is ‘you learn by your mistakes’ and I think James is learning.  The day started off awful and there was lots of arguing and shouting going on between them.  I felt totally helpless but could not intervene except to tell James to keep his voice down.  It made me feel quite ill and I did so feel for him well he is my son after all.  I know all you mums will understand only to well what I mean.

I won’t go into details but needless to say James is the one in the wrong as always.  The trouble is he is trusting and has a heart of gold which is probably where the problem lies.  He thought that being eighteen was going to change his life but feels the burden of being an adult already, he said last night that ‘being 18 isn’t all its cracked up to be is it mum’.  I could cry for him, another saying that springs to mind is ‘when they are young they make your arms ache when they grow up they make your heart break’.

Anyway I have prayed for him and hope that he will take time out for himself and just ‘chill’ I think is one of the words that is used by the younger generation today.

Gosh this is making me feel quite old.

Enjoy the cards for today and keep safe all of you.


Lorraine x

Something Different

October 4, 2008

I have taken a small break from Christmas cards and have done something a little different I have made a couple of cards for 2 lovely friends that I have made since joing the JS Forum Chris and Christine.  They have now received these cards so I am sure they will not mind me sharing them with you.

This was a ‘surprise’card made for my lovely friend Chris she loves fairies as much as I do and could not resist making this one for her.  The image was taken from another new CD that I have ‘Birthday Fairies’.



This is a Halloween card that I made for my other lovely friend Christine.  The image was taken from my new ‘Vintage Pin Ups’ Cd that some of you liked.  A little different than the normal Halloween cards.



This card is using the ‘pump’ from the Serendipity range that Joanna stocks I love the brown, beige muted tones and I think it fits this image just right.  The backing paper is K & Co and I have used the Versafine Sepia stamp pad for the image again these stamp pads are stocked by Joannas and I hardly use anything else now.

A few More Christmas Cards

October 4, 2008


These are just a small selection of the Christmas cards that I have been making.  I have used a Christmas Moorhead which I have taken from some die cut decoupage that I bought from JS and some Dufex that I got from Crafty Ideas by Kaz.  Please don’t think that my cards have been done wonky its the scanning that was off lol.

Lorraine x

Hi 4th October

October 4, 2008

I haven’t been posting for a few days been a bit ‘off’.  The weather has turned colder (or is it just me) but I will not succumb to putting the heating on yet.  I received a letter from my gas/electric supplier to say the cost will increase by 29%. How are we supposed to cope with this extra cost at this time of the year as well.  Prices seem to be rising for everything at the moment problem is nothing ever goes down.

Anyway on a brighter note I have received my new Cricut what wonderful service from Crafthaven.  Thing is I am a little frightened to open it I know some will think I am silly but I can’t quite believe I have it so it is sat by my craft table waiting…….

I have been making more Christmas cards and I never thought I would ever say this but I am getting fed up with Christmas already.  I think I will take a break and make something different and will post it asap.

It has been wonderful that more Sheenies have created blogs to show of their lovely cards my favourites list is getting very long as I save all the blog sites so I can visit as and when.

I think I will start to join in the challenges again I feel as if I am missing out not entering cards for all these lovely challenges that are going on.

Well I am off for another cuppa to warm me up will be posting again soon.


Lorraine x

Many thanks to all who have visited my blog to view my  ‘Vintage’ pin Up ladies.  I bought the CDRom from Crafty Ideas by Kaz who is also Karen Sayers and one of my favourite guests on Create & Craft.  The CDs may well come under the heading of ‘New In’ stock as they only appeared last week I think but there were quite a few.  I would lke to have had the ‘Hunks’ Cd as well but I will have to revisit when I have a little more money saved.


Lorraine x

Hello 1st October

October 1, 2008

Goodmorning all

Well the weather is a bit hit and miss at the moment one minute the sun is shinning the next its pouring with rain, reminds me a bit of April showers.

I have gone down a different path these last few days with my card making and have made some cards using images from a new CDrom I just aquired from Crafty Ideas by Kaz.  The CD is called Vintage pin ups by Fee j Design.  I personally have never heard of them but I know some crafters have I also bought the Birthday Fairies one and will hopefully post some of these at a later date.

I have been having a cleaning splurge since last Saturday so my card making time has been cut short but I’m now making up for it.

My son James hasn’t been well these last couple of days due to having a very bad toothache.  When he visited the emergency dentist they found an absess and have put him on anti biotics to clear it up so he can have a tooth out.  Oooo he does not like the thought of that and he will need to prepare himself for the needles.  He’s never had that done before and he is a little bit of a coward (as most of us are where dentists are concerned I think).

My little JR Polo has cheered up a lot and seems back to normal but he’s not doing to bad for a 13 year old.

If any of you remember I posted a message on the JS Forum saying my son was going to buy me the Cricut for Christmas, well Christmas has come very early for me.   There was on offer on at Crafthaven which was just to good to miss the Cricut plus the design studio for £189.99 I hope you all agree that this is a brill offer and I would have been stupid not to go for it.  I just hope I haven’t spoken to soon because the first lot sold out but more are expected in this week I just hope that they turn up or I will be one very, very sad bunny.

I hope you like the cards I have posted and please leave a comment good or bad.



Vintage Ladies

October 1, 2008


Good afternoon

September 28, 2008


As promised I have posted a few more cards I decided to scan them now and thought I might as well post them at the same time.  I popped into Beryls’ (Bik59) blog this morning to see her Christams card and it was blue.  It was lovely I love the colour blue for Christmas cards I know the norm is red, green and gold but blue ‘feels’ cold.


Lorraine x

As Promised

September 28, 2008




Hello 28th September

September 28, 2008

Well this month is nearly over and October will be upon us there is a chill in the air even though the sun has been shinning for several days now.  The leaves are changing colour and starting to fall I think Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and the colours of nature are awesome.  The Robin is back in my garden and feeding he is very chirpy and happy looking.  The frogs are croaking well even though I nearly threw one in the bin the other day (purely accidental).  There was an old jacket that James had put outside the back door and I, having a cleaning splurge, picked it up and threw it in the bin liner but I just happened to catch sight of the frog picked him up and let him go on his merry way.

I am making cards but I seemed to have slowed down quite a bit but I will be scanning some of the ones I have made into the computer today (this is about the fourth time I have said this) hopefully.

I have decided to pack up some of the stash of cards to send to the forces thanks to the information I got from the JS Forum.  I have completed my forum October birthday cards and ATCs for the Oct swap I do like to get these done as they are quite important and with my memory I feel I must get them done before anything else I have to do.  Being a member of the JS forum has bought me so much happiness, inspiration and new friends.

Unfortunately with the onset of Autumn the fireworks have arrived and some kids are setting them off daytime as well as at night.  This is I believe anti-social behaviour but like may things it will carry on whether complaints are made or not.  Whatever happened to the good old days of ‘penny for the guy’ and fireworks being used on bonfire night only?  I know when I was young my brothers and I had a lot of fun making a ‘guy’ and looking forward to dad setting up the fireworks in the back garden.  I suppose like everything else it is not appreciated anymore and if guys were made these days we would probably be threatened to give a fiver, a penny would never be acceptable.

Anyway enough of my rabbiting on and showing my age in some style.  I have made my first Halloween card for a private card swap with one of my friends made on the forum.  I love making cards for other crafters and it is so lovely when you get one in return.  I personally am not a lover of Halloween and I remember when I was a member of a small village church volunteering to keep watch in the church at night on the eve of Halloween.  Blimey I just tried to think of when it was and that was at least 22 years ago.  Gosh I must stop this reminiscing.

I will probably be writing something again tomorrow so thank you for reading my ‘diary’ and see you soon.


Lorraine x

Hello 24th September

September 24, 2008

A bit late posting this but its been a busy day. Good news Polo is back to normal, I gave him a bath and put some ‘spot on’ on him he was asleep through the night cuddled up to me I think he must have picked something up while we were out walking.

Another bit of good news for me today is that I sold my car to two men from Birmingham they were very nice and they talked to me quite a bit.  They also loved my cards which I thought was very nice.

I have not done very much crafting but doing the normal housework etc.

I was up until 2.00am this morning doing some stamping with my new Alota stamps they are gorgeous. I will try and scan them in tomorrow if I have time.

I have made an appointment to have my eyes tested and I need a new pair of glasses.  Since the beginning of the year I have had a flare up of eczema but it is on my face this time never had it there before.  Its right where my glasses lie on my cheek it may be an allergy actually but I need some rimless ones.  I e-mailed Specsavers with dates I wanted for the test and it said they would reply straight away 2 hours later I had to ring them and they said the next appointment was 15th October.

I was amazed at that so I rang Optical Express and I got in at 10.30am tomorrow.

Anyway must go but I wish you all a good night.


Lorraine x

Hello 23rd September

September 23, 2008

Just thought I’d pop on to say good morning to you all.  Things have been very quite here the weather has changed no more sunshine for the moment.

Po was still fine until last night but he is not well this morning I gave him some water but he looks a bit off.  I will wait to see if he plucks up today but otherwise its a trip to the vet, his very unfavourite place.

Well I have managed to make a few more Christmas cards which I will probably post onto the forum.  I did make some birthday cards using images from the JNM CDr and they looked really good but I posted them on the forum this time just in case there are some people who do not like blogging.

I might give Christmas a rest today and play with some other stamps that I haven’t used yet my stash of stamps seems to be growing at a fast rate of knots.

I did pay a visit to the local Hobby Craft store yesterday and I must say they seem to be catching up with the times.  They are doing so many lovely new things that I have seen on TV but not ordered.  I did buy the Craft Workstation that does all the embossing and stuff the one that Steph is always advertising on C&C.  I got it for £29.99 not £39.99 as on C&C.  I also bought a lovely 8″x8″ glittered pad of ‘Blossoms & Butterflies’ paper/card its gorgeous it will go with my Sweet Ebony and Sarah Kay stamps lovely.  I also got some self adhesive Christmas Ribbons reduced to half price at 74p instead of £1.49.  I might pay another visit soon…..

Well James has the rest of the week of now and he is pestering me to do some ironing apologise for the language.

Hope you all have a great day


Lorraine x

Hello 21st September

September 21, 2008

Hi to everyone on this yet another beautiful sunny day.  Well its the big day for my son James as its 18th birthday and he has received some beautiful cards and money which is what he wanted. He loved his silver tankard that I bought for him and had engraved (thanks to Sheenies for this suggestion). His mates have been phoning and calling round all morning he is such a popular kid.  Its weird but all my life I have never been able to make many friends, if any, but James has them coming out of his ears.   I am so glad for him I always prayed that he would not have the hang ups that I have had.

We were supposed to be going out for Sunday lunch but alas that was not to be instead I am going to end up with a bacon butty.  James has gone off with his girlfriend and will be playing football tonight as he usually does.

Polo had the runs again last night which meant another sleepless night on the settee for me.  He does not appear to be unwell and is eating and drinking fine.  He goes out in the daytime as usual but he seems to save this up for night time and it is no fun having to keep getting up every hour to open the back door and wipe dirty bums………blimey it takes me back to when James was little.

Well I would like say a big thank you to everyone who has visited my blog whether a comment has been left or not, knowing you have taken the time makes me so happy.

Have a lovely safe day everyone.


Lorraine x

Hello 20th September

September 20, 2008

Good morning to you all

The sun is shining yet again here in Gloucester can’t believe it that’s 2 days running still we must enjoy it while we can.

Well its the eve of James’ 18th birthday he is driving the Corsa he took it out last night and didn’t come home until 1.30am this morning.  I was not a happy bunny I am nearly always up anyway but I was worried to death and he had not taken his mobile with him I was on tenterhooks until he walked through the door.  I told him that in future he was to take his phone and ring me if he was going to be late or I wouldn’t let him drive anymore. 

I was making Christmas cards with flower soft for a change so I stayed up until 2.30am by then I did start feeling tired.  Went to bed within an hour I was up again not that I couldn’t sleep but the dog was not well and that was the theme for the night. I gave up in the end.

Mum came this morning and collected the 2 boxes of cards that I made for the raffle and she was very pleased with them.  Thank you Beryl and Ann for your comments on this and yes you may be right I might get some orders that I get paid for, it would be nice, I might do some other themed ones once Christmas has gone.

I am hoping to scan the cards that I have made these last two days so please watch this space.



Lorraine x

Hello 19th September

September 19, 2008

Hello I hope the sun is shining wherever you are it is here it certainly helps to lift your spirits.  I am still making Christmas cards but I aim to take a little break for something different soon.

My mum goes to an OAPs day every other Tuesday and they do a raffle nothing much but my mum is always asking me if I have anything to give her for the raffle.  I never thought about my cards but this weekend mum stayed with me and asked if I would give some of my Christmas cards for her to take to the OAPs.  Of course I said yes and I had some small sqare cards that I had made so I also created a deep box to put them in and added a flora doodle on the top.

Well mum phoned this morning to say that the person who won them was over the moon and I have been asked for 2 more boxes of Christmas cards for the next raffle.  I know I have not made any money but at least it has given someone some pleasure and saved them a bit of money rather than buying from the shops. 

Maybe this will be a regular thing and I could give mum a box of assorted cards for the raffle every other week.  It will also reduce my stash somewhat and I know they will be appreciated by the elderly.

Well I am off to finish my projects but I have some more scanning to do and hopefully be updating my slide show soon. 

Thanks again to all my Sheenie friends who visit my site and anyone else having a look.

Bye for now

Hello 17th September

September 17, 2008

Hi all

Today is not a nice day in more ways than one.  First it has been raining most of the day and it feels cold and looks bleak.  Secondly the person who agreed to buy my car has let me down at the last moment.  I think it best to keep my thoughts and feelings on the latter to myself or I might offend someone. 

On the positive side I have completed another four Christms cards which are shown below, I have decided that anymore I make will go into a slide show.

I have also used my new Alota stamps from Crafts U Love.  They are so beautiful and cute I could not resist and this is the first stamp of four and I have called her ‘sleeping beauty’ because I think that is exactly what she is.

I hope you like what I have on show and please feel free to leave a comment at any time.



Lorraine x

Hello 15th September

September 15, 2008

Hi all I would like to thank all those who have visited my site and to the ones who left their comments it is lovely that other crafters have taken the time to give me their verdict on my cards.

Well I have been so busy this morning but unfortunately not crafting which is what I would love to be doing.  I have my ‘craft room’ in my living room and I am afraid I was branching out and nearly taking up the whole room it looked quite a mess.  So I have reduced it somewhat and I now have a living room again but that’s not to say it will stay that way for long but there we go.

I have also been hoovering and cleaning the inside of my sons car, well its mine actually but he will be using it as I am selling my other one.  I cannot stand the thought of driving with so many idiots on the road.  I don’t go out very often but when I have taken my son to work normally before 7.00am there are so many mad people about it gets me so angry so its best that James can drive himself he can also do my shopping.

Anyway I am off to create a few more cards so I can post.  Once again many thanks.


I have not posted any cards on my blog for some time for one reason or another.  I have tried to keep busy by making some Christmas cards as I don’t want to get caught out like last year.

I was so thrilled to use the new Christmas Messy Rabbit stamp and I think he looks beautiful.  On the large A5 cards I have actually used H20s to colour him in on the smaller cards I used pencils.  I think the H20s suit him better. 

I have also used the Cuddly Buddly robin with an envelope stamp and he will be making another appearance at a later date as will some other Cuddly Buddly Christmas stamps.

Some may think these are not real special cards and you may be right but they have all taken time to do.  I will be doing ‘special’ cards at a later date so please keep an eye open. 

I would like to thank anyone who is visiting my blog and I would be so grateful if you could leave a comment good or bad.  See you soon.