Hello 19th September

September 19, 2008

Hello I hope the sun is shining wherever you are it is here it certainly helps to lift your spirits.  I am still making Christmas cards but I aim to take a little break for something different soon.

My mum goes to an OAPs day every other Tuesday and they do a raffle nothing much but my mum is always asking me if I have anything to give her for the raffle.  I never thought about my cards but this weekend mum stayed with me and asked if I would give some of my Christmas cards for her to take to the OAPs.  Of course I said yes and I had some small sqare cards that I had made so I also created a deep box to put them in and added a flora doodle on the top.

Well mum phoned this morning to say that the person who won them was over the moon and I have been asked for 2 more boxes of Christmas cards for the next raffle.  I know I have not made any money but at least it has given someone some pleasure and saved them a bit of money rather than buying from the shops. 

Maybe this will be a regular thing and I could give mum a box of assorted cards for the raffle every other week.  It will also reduce my stash somewhat and I know they will be appreciated by the elderly.

Well I am off to finish my projects but I have some more scanning to do and hopefully be updating my slide show soon. 

Thanks again to all my Sheenie friends who visit my site and anyone else having a look.

Bye for now


2 Responses to “Hello 19th September”

  1. That’s really good Lorraine, it’s nice to get that sort of feedback and you never know you might get some cash orders out of it
    Beryl x

  2. It’s a lovely idea Lorraine – as Beryl says, you may get some paid orders from them but they’re also a lovely way for you to donate to the raffle without it having to cost you a fortune
    Ann x

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