Hello 20th September

September 20, 2008

Good morning to you all

The sun is shining yet again here in Gloucester can’t believe it that’s 2 days running still we must enjoy it while we can.

Well its the eve of James’ 18th birthday he is driving the Corsa he took it out last night and didn’t come home until 1.30am this morning.  I was not a happy bunny I am nearly always up anyway but I was worried to death and he had not taken his mobile with him I was on tenterhooks until he walked through the door.  I told him that in future he was to take his phone and ring me if he was going to be late or I wouldn’t let him drive anymore. 

I was making Christmas cards with flower soft for a change so I stayed up until 2.30am by then I did start feeling tired.  Went to bed within an hour I was up again not that I couldn’t sleep but the dog was not well and that was the theme for the night. I gave up in the end.

Mum came this morning and collected the 2 boxes of cards that I made for the raffle and she was very pleased with them.  Thank you Beryl and Ann for your comments on this and yes you may be right I might get some orders that I get paid for, it would be nice, I might do some other themed ones once Christmas has gone.

I am hoping to scan the cards that I have made these last two days so please watch this space.



Lorraine x


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