Hello 23rd September

September 23, 2008

Just thought I’d pop on to say good morning to you all.  Things have been very quite here the weather has changed no more sunshine for the moment.

Po was still fine until last night but he is not well this morning I gave him some water but he looks a bit off.  I will wait to see if he plucks up today but otherwise its a trip to the vet, his very unfavourite place.

Well I have managed to make a few more Christmas cards which I will probably post onto the forum.  I did make some birthday cards using images from the JNM CDr and they looked really good but I posted them on the forum this time just in case there are some people who do not like blogging.

I might give Christmas a rest today and play with some other stamps that I haven’t used yet my stash of stamps seems to be growing at a fast rate of knots.

I did pay a visit to the local Hobby Craft store yesterday and I must say they seem to be catching up with the times.  They are doing so many lovely new things that I have seen on TV but not ordered.  I did buy the Craft Workstation that does all the embossing and stuff the one that Steph is always advertising on C&C.  I got it for £29.99 not £39.99 as on C&C.  I also bought a lovely 8″x8″ glittered pad of ‘Blossoms & Butterflies’ paper/card its gorgeous it will go with my Sweet Ebony and Sarah Kay stamps lovely.  I also got some self adhesive Christmas Ribbons reduced to half price at 74p instead of £1.49.  I might pay another visit soon…..

Well James has the rest of the week of now and he is pestering me to do some ironing apologise for the language.

Hope you all have a great day


Lorraine x


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