Hello 24th September

September 24, 2008

A bit late posting this but its been a busy day. Good news Polo is back to normal, I gave him a bath and put some ‘spot on’ on him he was asleep through the night cuddled up to me I think he must have picked something up while we were out walking.

Another bit of good news for me today is that I sold my car to two men from Birmingham they were very nice and they talked to me quite a bit.  They also loved my cards which I thought was very nice.

I have not done very much crafting but doing the normal housework etc.

I was up until 2.00am this morning doing some stamping with my new Alota stamps they are gorgeous. I will try and scan them in tomorrow if I have time.

I have made an appointment to have my eyes tested and I need a new pair of glasses.  Since the beginning of the year I have had a flare up of eczema but it is on my face this time never had it there before.  Its right where my glasses lie on my cheek it may be an allergy actually but I need some rimless ones.  I e-mailed Specsavers with dates I wanted for the test and it said they would reply straight away 2 hours later I had to ring them and they said the next appointment was 15th October.

I was amazed at that so I rang Optical Express and I got in at 10.30am tomorrow.

Anyway must go but I wish you all a good night.


Lorraine x


One Response to “Hello 24th September”

  1. Hi Lorraine, I had that problem with a pair of my glassed once. Glad you sold your card and looking forward to see your new stamped images
    Beryl x

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