Good afternoon

September 28, 2008


As promised I have posted a few more cards I decided to scan them now and thought I might as well post them at the same time.  I popped into Beryls’ (Bik59) blog this morning to see her Christams card and it was blue.  It was lovely I love the colour blue for Christmas cards I know the norm is red, green and gold but blue ‘feels’ cold.


Lorraine x


2 Responses to “Good afternoon”

  1. Sheila (Ginger) Says:

    Hi Lorraine both the snowmen and the penguin cards are just so beautiful and very hard to have a preverence…but the penguins just win it for their cuteness.

    Sheila xx

  2. Hi Lorraine, Your cards are brilliant. It’s got to be the penquins for me, not that your snow people are great as well, but I just adore the penquin ones. Last year I managed to quill some penquins and they were very popular.
    Beryl x

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