Hello 28th September

September 28, 2008

Well this month is nearly over and October will be upon us there is a chill in the air even though the sun has been shinning for several days now.  The leaves are changing colour and starting to fall I think Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and the colours of nature are awesome.  The Robin is back in my garden and feeding he is very chirpy and happy looking.  The frogs are croaking well even though I nearly threw one in the bin the other day (purely accidental).  There was an old jacket that James had put outside the back door and I, having a cleaning splurge, picked it up and threw it in the bin liner but I just happened to catch sight of the frog picked him up and let him go on his merry way.

I am making cards but I seemed to have slowed down quite a bit but I will be scanning some of the ones I have made into the computer today (this is about the fourth time I have said this) hopefully.

I have decided to pack up some of the stash of cards to send to the forces thanks to the information I got from the JS Forum.  I have completed my forum October birthday cards and ATCs for the Oct swap I do like to get these done as they are quite important and with my memory I feel I must get them done before anything else I have to do.  Being a member of the JS forum has bought me so much happiness, inspiration and new friends.

Unfortunately with the onset of Autumn the fireworks have arrived and some kids are setting them off daytime as well as at night.  This is I believe anti-social behaviour but like may things it will carry on whether complaints are made or not.  Whatever happened to the good old days of ‘penny for the guy’ and fireworks being used on bonfire night only?  I know when I was young my brothers and I had a lot of fun making a ‘guy’ and looking forward to dad setting up the fireworks in the back garden.  I suppose like everything else it is not appreciated anymore and if guys were made these days we would probably be threatened to give a fiver, a penny would never be acceptable.

Anyway enough of my rabbiting on and showing my age in some style.  I have made my first Halloween card for a private card swap with one of my friends made on the forum.  I love making cards for other crafters and it is so lovely when you get one in return.  I personally am not a lover of Halloween and I remember when I was a member of a small village church volunteering to keep watch in the church at night on the eve of Halloween.  Blimey I just tried to think of when it was and that was at least 22 years ago.  Gosh I must stop this reminiscing.

I will probably be writing something again tomorrow so thank you for reading my ‘diary’ and see you soon.


Lorraine x


One Response to “Hello 28th September”

  1. Denise Says:

    Love your latest cards Lorraine, what cute little penguins!!!! Don’t get me started on anti social behaviour with regard to fireworks grrr!!!!!

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