Hello 1st October

October 1, 2008

Goodmorning all

Well the weather is a bit hit and miss at the moment one minute the sun is shinning the next its pouring with rain, reminds me a bit of April showers.

I have gone down a different path these last few days with my card making and have made some cards using images from a new CDrom I just aquired from Crafty Ideas by Kaz.  The CD is called Vintage pin ups by Fee j Design.  I personally have never heard of them but I know some crafters have I also bought the Birthday Fairies one and will hopefully post some of these at a later date.

I have been having a cleaning splurge since last Saturday so my card making time has been cut short but I’m now making up for it.

My son James hasn’t been well these last couple of days due to having a very bad toothache.  When he visited the emergency dentist they found an absess and have put him on anti biotics to clear it up so he can have a tooth out.  Oooo he does not like the thought of that and he will need to prepare himself for the needles.  He’s never had that done before and he is a little bit of a coward (as most of us are where dentists are concerned I think).

My little JR Polo has cheered up a lot and seems back to normal but he’s not doing to bad for a 13 year old.

If any of you remember I posted a message on the JS Forum saying my son was going to buy me the Cricut for Christmas, well Christmas has come very early for me.   There was on offer on at Crafthaven which was just to good to miss the Cricut plus the design studio for £189.99 I hope you all agree that this is a brill offer and I would have been stupid not to go for it.  I just hope I haven’t spoken to soon because the first lot sold out but more are expected in this week I just hope that they turn up or I will be one very, very sad bunny.

I hope you like the cards I have posted and please leave a comment good or bad.




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