6th October

October 6, 2008


Hi to all visitors on my blog, its Monday 6th October and I have 2 Christmas cards for you to see.  I have made lots more than this but I don’t want to inundate you with every single card I have made.

Yesterday was quite eventful for my son James I think the split with his girlfriend has finally happened.  The saying that I bring to mind is ‘you learn by your mistakes’ and I think James is learning.  The day started off awful and there was lots of arguing and shouting going on between them.  I felt totally helpless but could not intervene except to tell James to keep his voice down.  It made me feel quite ill and I did so feel for him well he is my son after all.  I know all you mums will understand only to well what I mean.

I won’t go into details but needless to say James is the one in the wrong as always.  The trouble is he is trusting and has a heart of gold which is probably where the problem lies.  He thought that being eighteen was going to change his life but feels the burden of being an adult already, he said last night that ‘being 18 isn’t all its cracked up to be is it mum’.  I could cry for him, another saying that springs to mind is ‘when they are young they make your arms ache when they grow up they make your heart break’.

Anyway I have prayed for him and hope that he will take time out for himself and just ‘chill’ I think is one of the words that is used by the younger generation today.

Gosh this is making me feel quite old.

Enjoy the cards for today and keep safe all of you.


Lorraine x


5 Responses to “6th October”

  1. Lovely cards Lorraine

    Ann x

  2. Beautiful cards Lorraine
    Beryl x

  3. Christine Says:

    So sorry to hear about James, I know how you must feel for him but as the saying goes ‘life goes on’ and I am sure he will realise that given time.
    Love your cards, wish I could get into the christmas spirit and make a few otherwise I will be last minute as usual.

    Christine xxx

  4. Sorry to hear that James is going through it. I am sure he will be stronger for it. The cards are fabulous Lorraine!

  5. Chrissie Says:

    I’ve just been playing “catch up” with all my blogging friends and thought I’d let you know that I think all of your latest creations are just gorgeous Lorraine.

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