20th October

October 20, 2008


I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to have done these last couple of weeks.  I have been making cards but otherwise I can’t seem to get into gear.  I feel in ‘limbo’ and find it difficult to settle to anything in particular.  I know that Christmas will be on us before we know it and I still have to make some more cards.  I have all the toppers printed out but that is as far I have got.  My earlier spurt of Christmas card action has disappeared.  I do visit the JS forum to keep updated on what is going on and have just ordered some of the new Flora Doodles.  I have quite a few now but they are so beautiful I was frightened of using them but I have got over that and have been using them of the ‘everyday’ cards that I have been doing.

My mum came to stay with me the weekend so it was a bit hectic as her sight and hearing is failing so I had to make sure she had enought to drink and eat.  She has recently visited an allergist for a consultation and has been given herbal and homeapathic remedies to take.  My sister has been going to this person for several years and my mum decided she would go and see what it was like.  She has already been told of certain foods that she can and cannot eat and she is to go again in 2 weeks time.

I hope that this course of action helps her to feel better generally as she has always been a very active person she now walks with a stick due to some falls she has had.  She will be 89 next month and most of the family will be going out for a meal to celebrate.  Unfortunately I will not be there as I don’t do social gatherings family or otherwise.  I thought I might do her a birthday meal at home instead.

Many thanks to my visitors regulars and others, I hope you won’t give up on me as I will be posting some more cards for you to see.





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