A few new cards

October 20, 2008


Hi this is just a few of the cards that I managed to make this weekend.  The stamps I have used on the yellow cards are from my new selection of House Mouse stamps which I love.  The cards are not really crooked but it is the way they scanned.  I did do another one but have posted that on the forum challenge thread.  Hope you like the cards.





4 Responses to “A few new cards”

  1. These are really cute Lorraine – I have a few House Mouse myself and have only just started to use them again.

  2. I love them all Lorraine,
    Beryl x

  3. Love ’em all Lorraine
    Ann x

  4. Beryl Says:

    Hi Lorraine, Great cards all, especially the middle one (a Sarah Kay stamp I think?).
    I haven’t been able to get into gear since my trip down South so I know how you feel. I had made quite a few Christmas cards but came back with none as the family had them so really need to get my skates on in that direction.
    Keep the cards coming though – it’s lovely to see them.
    Beryl xx

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