Nov 26th

November 26, 2008

Some of my regularswill be aware that I have created another blog and if you would like to visit it the address is  The majority of crafters blogs I visit are on blogger so I decided to have another go at creating one.  I did try some time ago but I couldn’t get on with it which is why I joined word press.  However, now that I have become more accustomed to blogging I tried gain and think I have done quite well.  I anticipate all my future cards and ‘diary’ will be written onto my new blog.

Lorraine x


November 25th

November 25, 2008

Hello I have updated my slide-show yet again.  I haven’t been on here much lately I seem to be forever making Christmas cards.  My mum bought most of my stock so I have had to start over again, not that I mind she is my best customer.  Unfortunately I was unable to scan most of them but these are a few that I managed. I have had several orders not only for Christmas cards but birthdays as well.  I did want to have ago at making some gift treasure boxes but haven’t found the time I will try so hard in the next couple of weeks and take some photos to show you.

I did have some photos on my camera that I wanted to upload and show you but I deleted them in error, they were pictures that I probably will never be able to take again so I have really kicked myself.

I have bought some of those musical tunes from Joanna Sheen so I can put them in a few special cards I have never used them before so I hope they will be easy to install.  If they work ok I will definitely buy more.

I have also just finished off the last two boxes of everyday cards that my mum will be giving as presents.  She has already given 2 boxes as ‘thank you’ presents and the recipients were over the moon with them, so I must be doing something right lol.  I made a total of 12 boxes for her filled with between 8 and 10 square cards most of which I had stamped and water-coloured.  I enjoyed doing them and think I will be doing more as stand by stock.

anyway I hope you enjoy the slideshow and sing along with the tune.



November 7th

November 7, 2008

Hello to you all I have just created another new slide show and yes its a Christmas one again but different cards and song etc.  I hope you like it but I know that most of the cards I have used a light card with blue snowflakes and they are not as clear as I would like I have a new printer which includes the scanner so I am still getting used to it.

Well I have been among many others this week who have caught the sickness bug and its not been nice and it certainly isn’t a 24 hour bug.  I have had a bad bout of depression and this bug did not help but I am beginning to feel a little better.

I hope to update the slide show with some better pics in a little while but in the mean time please sit back and enjoy.


Lorraine x

November 1st

November 1, 2008

Hi and once again thanks to all who have very kindly visited my blog.  I know that some of you are interested as to where I purchased my new fairy stamps (Oct 30th-below).  The link is it is well worth a visit they have some stunning stamps and the prices are very good.  It was my first time ordering from America and was a little nervous of doing so but I was very impressed with the service supplied by Heather Adams of faerie song.  I have some more of the stamps on my wishlist so will be visiting again soon.