November 1st

November 1, 2008

Hi and once again thanks to all who have very kindly visited my blog.  I know that some of you are interested as to where I purchased my new fairy stamps (Oct 30th-below).  The link is it is well worth a visit they have some stunning stamps and the prices are very good.  It was my first time ordering from America and was a little nervous of doing so but I was very impressed with the service supplied by Heather Adams of faerie song.  I have some more of the stamps on my wishlist so will be visiting again soon.


2 Responses to “November 1st”

  1. Hi Lorraine, I love the new look blog, and I have checked out all of your cards that I’ve missed and they are all great
    Beryl x

  2. Beryl Says:

    Wow, just checked out that website. They’ve got every sort of fairy you could ever want I should think. Have bookmarked it for future reference. The slide show is brilliant. Great work on it.
    Beryl xx

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