Hello 21st September

September 21, 2008

Hi to everyone on this yet another beautiful sunny day.  Well its the big day for my son James as its 18th birthday and he has received some beautiful cards and money which is what he wanted. He loved his silver tankard that I bought for him and had engraved (thanks to Sheenies for this suggestion). His mates have been phoning and calling round all morning he is such a popular kid.  Its weird but all my life I have never been able to make many friends, if any, but James has them coming out of his ears.   I am so glad for him I always prayed that he would not have the hang ups that I have had.

We were supposed to be going out for Sunday lunch but alas that was not to be instead I am going to end up with a bacon butty.  James has gone off with his girlfriend and will be playing football tonight as he usually does.

Polo had the runs again last night which meant another sleepless night on the settee for me.  He does not appear to be unwell and is eating and drinking fine.  He goes out in the daytime as usual but he seems to save this up for night time and it is no fun having to keep getting up every hour to open the back door and wipe dirty bums………blimey it takes me back to when James was little.

Well I would like say a big thank you to everyone who has visited my blog whether a comment has been left or not, knowing you have taken the time makes me so happy.

Have a lovely safe day everyone.


Lorraine x