Since joining the Joanna Sheen Forum I have learnt so much and been introduced to many new ways of crafting.  I believe I have become more creative and I think this shows in the cards that I have been posting recently.  I am grateful to Joanna but also to Cynthia, Ann and Wendy to name just a few. 

My favourite item that I have added to my crafting is Tilda.  I love these stamps and my collection is building, she will always be my first love and a reminder of the friendship that has been shown me by other crafters on the forum.  

My other favourite, and very close second to Tilda is of course Sarah Kay stamps.  I love working with these they are so delicate.  I never thought that one day I would be stamping and watercolouring but I am and I love it, not sure I am any good but I am quite pleased with the outcome.  This is another big thanks to the crafters on the forum and on the challenge blogs.  I have picked up so much from these lovely crafters.  Here are a few of my cards.  Please leave a comment good or bad.




3 Responses to “Tilda & Sarah Kay Cards”

  1. I love your Tilda cards Lorraine – not that I often use Tilda myself of course……………………….(it’s ok, I’ve got my fingers crossed behind my back! Making typing this bloomin’ aawkward though!)

    Ann x

  2. Denise Says:

    What a lot of Tildas….these are gorgeous Lorraine! 🙂 Nice photo of you and your son by the way, love your cute little dog!

  3. A wonderful selection of Tildas there Lorraine – she is such a cutie!! I love the pic of you and your son too and that really cute ‘icke fur baby!

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